Data Protection Policy

The information collected in my East Coast Surf Club (“ECSC”) application form will be held by the ECSC in electronic format. 

The purpose of ECSC collecting this information from me is to confirm that I have joined the club for the course of this year, to give me access to the ECSC’s Forum, to add me to the email distribution list for ECSC’s members and to allow me to partake in all other activities and benefits which result from being a member of the ECSC. 

By selecting the ‘I agree to the ECSC Data Protection Policy as set out in the "About us" tab of the menu option above’ in the membership form, I acknowledged that by joining the ECSC, I will receive emails from time to time from other ECSC members (in particular from the ECSC Committee) notifying me of upcoming social events or other matters which it is thought may be of interest/relevance to members, that other ECSC members may contact me via the Forum.

I also acknowledge that photographs of me attending club events may be posted on the ECSC website or on the ECSC Facebook page and it shall be assumed that I consent to such photos being published unless I email the Committee at to notify the ECSC that I do not consent to my photograph being published on these fora.

I also acknowledge that my personal information  will be provided to the Irish Surfing Association, of which the ECSC is a member. 

ECSC members who are over eighteen years old (or the parents or guardians of a junior ECSC member) have a right to access data which is held by them by the ECSC and to correct any data if necessary.

Therefore by selecting ‘I agree to the ECSC Data Protection Policy as set out in the "About us" tab of the menu option above’ I am aware that:

- I am entitled to withdraw consent to the processing of my personal information;

- Request access to the information which the ECSC holds about me;

- Make a complaint to the Data Protection Commission (email:

I consent to the use of my information as described above.

I also confirm, by ticking this box, that I am over 16 years of age and that if I am applying as a parent or guardian on behalf of a proposed ECSC junior member who is less than 16 years of age to join the club (the "Proposed Junior Member") , that I will provide my own personal email details to the ECSC, rather than those of the Proposed Junior Member, so that the Proposed Junior Member does not have access to the Forum or does not receive emails from the ECSC, in recognition of the digital age of consent.

The East Coast Surf Club Committee