Club Constitution

Constitution of the East Coast Surf Club (revised Feb 2013)

1.      Title

The Organisation shall be called “The East Coast Surf Club (ECSC)”.

2.      Spirit

The club exists to help surfers and would be surfers in our area, to surf and to get better at surfing as part of a community of like minded surfers. We actively support inclusiveness in surfing.

Surfing is a potentially dangerous activity and, individually and as a group, we recognise the paramount importance of safety in all that we do. We take individual responsibility for our own safety in the water, for surfing in a way that doesn’t put others at risk. We take responsibility for and respect the environment in which we surf.

In becoming better surfers we recognise that there is no substitute for good coaching and experience. We encourage our members to get lessons only from qualifed coaches, in appropriately insured environments. We support one another’s development in surfing by looking out for one another in the water and by actively helping one another to improve in between formal coaching sessions. Our more experienced members support our less experienced members, in making their surfing a safer and more enjoyable experience, by offering them the benefit of their experience where appropriate.

We appoint a committee to make decisions on our behalf that further the Objectives of the club and are consistent with the Spirit of the club.

We show respect for other members and the public in all we do as part of the club. We take responsibility for our actions in the social activities of the club, and those of any guest we invite to these activities.

As a club we take part in shaping and working to achieve the objectives of surfers in Ireland.

3.      Main Objective

The Main object for which the club is established is to promote the sport of surfing.

4.      Subsidiary Objectives

The ECSC shall:

  • Serve as the official representative of surf riding in greater Dublin and adjoining counties and shall protect the members’ interests in all matters of general and specific concern relating to surfing.
  • Communicate the views of its members to national and international authorities and to the public, as and where required.
  • Encourage the sport of surfing among the club members and those locally interested in taking up the sport, with an emphasis on safety by ensuring attention to local bye-laws and rules.
  • Encourage surfers to improve their standard and encourage and help those members interested in attaining national and international honours in the sport.
  • If so agreed by the members, arrange and compete in surfing contests and liaise with the I.S.A. as necessary in other competitions.
  • Endeavour to maintain good relations between surfers, the public and the Local Authorities, under whose jurisdiction the surfers find themselves.

5.      Membership and Affiliation

  • All members must agree to be bound by this Constitution, and the Club’s Codes of Conduct.
  • The Membership subscription shall be paid annually and a membership card, letter, or electronic communication shall be recognised as a receipt.
  • The fee applicable to 3(b) above shall be proposed by the Committee and voted on by the Club members no later then the end of October and may include special rates for particular groups.
  • The membership subscription shall include insurance to cover public liability for members. Members must adhere to ECSC safety guidelines. Members’ details may be forwarded to the insurance provider for insurance purposes.
  • Applications for membership must be accompanied by the annual fee and an acceptance of the Club’s Constitution and Codes of Conduct.
  • Approval of applications for membership shall be in the hands of the Committee.
  • The Committee are empowered to accept any resignations and to withdraw membership from any member who is in breach of the provisions of this Constitution.

6.      Management

  • The affairs of the ECSC shall be managed by the Committee which, subject to the provisions of the Constitution, may adopt its own procedure, and take any action it sees fit in pursuit of the objectives of the Club.
  • The Committee shall consist of a minimum of seven club members elected at the A.G.M by the existing club members in the following manner:
    • Nominations for President, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and five other Committee positions shall be proposed and seconded by existing members.
    • Should more than one person stand for any office then a vote by secret ballot will be employed to establish the successful candidate.
    • The voting for the Senior Committee Members shall be carried out separately.
    • A member who provides a written apology for absence at the A.G.M. may be proposed for a Committee position (and duly elected) in his/her absence if the member wants to be Committee members (if agreed in person).
    • One of the Committee Members may be a junior, ie, 15 as at 1st January (at the date of the A.G.M.) under consideration.
    • The Committee may establish such Sub-Committees as it sees fit. Sub-Committees may include a small proportion of persons of specialist ability who are not members of the Club. The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees (except for Selection Committees) with full voting rights.
  • The members of the Committee, officers of the club, and any members of the club to whom tasks are delegated by the Committee shall be indemnified by the members of the club against all liabilities properly incurred by them in carrying out their roles within the club.

7.      Representation

  • At meetings of the Committee, all delegates shall have one vote only and the Chairperson shall have a casting vote.
  • A Committee Member unable to attend a specific meeting may cast his/her vote in writing if circumstances so dictate.

8.      Forum

The forum exists to enable the members of the club to communicate easily with one another. The Club shall have a Forum Code of Conduct.


9.      Meetings

  • Quarterly Meetings of the Committee shall be held unless in the opinion of the Officers there is insufficient business. Meetings at other times will be decided at the direction of the Committee.
  • Notice of meetings shall be given 7 days prior, items for discussion shall reach the Secretary 7 days prior (if Secretary is unavailable, the Chairperson will do).
  • When circumstances dictate, special meetings of the Committee may beheld at short notice in which case every effort shall be made to obtain by letter, telephone, or email the opinion of those delegates unable to attend.

10.  Appointments

  • All appointments shall be for one calendar year.
  • Election may be made by secret ballot at the AGM. The Club Secretary shall be responsible for advertising the date, time and venue of the AGM 14 days in advance.
  • President shall act as figure head for ECSC.
  • The Club Chairperson shall:
  • Act as spokes person for the Club articulating the views of the members as and when required.
  • Chair Meetings.
  • The Club Secretary shall be responsible for:
  • Minuting Club meetings and producing written copies of same within a reasonable time thereafter.
  • Writing letters on behalf of the Club, unless others are specifically nominated.
  • Tabling the above documents at all committee meetings.
  • Advertising and notifying members of the AGM.
  • Arranging meetings and notifying members of same.
  • The Club Treasurer shall be responsible for:
  • Keeping Club accounts, the main document of which shall consist of a record which shall include full details of all monies raised and expended by the Club and shall be kept up to date and be available for inspection by Committee Members on request and tabled at all Committee Meetings.
  • Keeping up to date records of the financial status of the Club as above, and those of the Club Bank Account including being responsible for the authorisation of issuing cheques on behalf of the Club.
  • The Club Committee shall elect from its four members who shall act as signatories for the Club Bank Account. The Treasurer shall automatically be one of the three and the other signature shall be necessary to validate Club Account Cheque.

11.  Disciplinary Procedure

As required a disciplinary committee shall be formed, composed of three members of the Committee, to deliberate on any disciplinary matter that may arise within the Club. The disciplinary committee will decide penalty/sanction where not defined in Club policy. An opportunity to appeal any disciplinary decision shall be given. The decision of the disciplinary committee following appeal shall be final. The principles of Natural Justice shall apply to all decisions.

12.  Discrimination

The ECSC will not discriminate on the basis of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, nationality or ethnic or national origin, or membership of the traveler community, in accordance with the Equal Status Act, 2000.

13.  Child protection

The ECSC fully subscribes at all times to the Irish Sports Council’s policies on Child Protection.


14.  Income and Property

The income and property of the organisation shall be applied solely towards the promotion of its main object(s) as set forth in this Constitution. No portion of the organisation’s income and property shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit to members of the organisation. No Officer shall be appointed to any office of the organisation paid by salary or fees, or receive any remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth from the organisation. However, nothing shall prevent any payment in good faith by the company/trust/body of:

  • reasonable and proper remuneration to any member or servant of the organisation (not being an Officer) for any services rendered to the organisation;
  • interest at a rate not exceeding 5% per annum on money lent by Officers or other members of the organisation to the organisation;
  • reasonable and proper rent for premises demised and let by any member of the organisation (including any Officer) to the organisation;
  • reasonable and proper out-of-pocket expenses incurred by any Officer in connection with their attendance to any matter affecting the organisation;
  • fees, remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth to any Company of which an Officer may be a member holding not more than one hundredth part of the issued capital of such Company.

15.  Winding up

  • The ECSC may be dissolved by a unanimous decision of the members at a meeting called for the purpose.
  • If upon the winding up or dissolution of the organisation there remains, after satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, it shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the organisation. Instead, such property shall be given or transferred to some other charitable institution or institutions having main objects similar to the main objects of the organisation. The institution or institutions to which the property is to be given or transferred shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the organisation under or by virtue of Clause …. hereof. Members of the organisation shall select the relevant institution or institutions at or before the time of dissolution, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions, then the property shall be given or transferred to some charitable object.

16.  Amendments to the Constitution

  • No addition, alteration or amendments shall be made to or in the provisions of the Memorandum of Association/Deed of Trust/Constitution/Rules for the time being in force unless the same shall have been previously submitted to and approved in writing by the Revenue Commissioners.
  • The Constitution can be amended at an AGM, EGM.
  • 2/3 majority at an EGM or AGM shall be required for the adoption of any amendment to the Constitution.

17.  Keeping of Accounts

Annual accounts shall be kept and made available to the Revenue Commissioners on request.

18.  Trustees

Appointment of Trustees shall be by an extraordinary general meeting where a minimum of two thirds of the Committee shall be present plus one tenth of the total membership. Election shall be carried by two-thirds of the Meeting.

19.  Temporary Membership

A temporary or beginners membership for a period of two months from date of payment of membership fee. For a rate of one third of annual subscription subject to a two third vote at a committee meeting.

20.  Quorum

Of four people of committee/meeting to commence.